About Us

About Us


Wine Commerce & Communication

ViniComm kicked off as a start-up project in 2013 in Burgundy, developing further on in Barcelona. Its name is a combination of two words Vini (“Wine” in Latin) and Comm, standing for Commerce and Communication.

Our mission is to evolve the wine business, enhancing the communication between producers and consumers. The objectives are to spread wine culture and endorse the social aspects of wine consumption.

The project founder Olga Verchenko is an MSc in Wine Business (BSB), DipWSET student and a wine professional with 10 years of commercial experience.

ViniComm Partners and Collaborators operate in several countries around the globe. And we are ready to propose to both business and consumers a vast array of services.


  • Kick-started in 2013
  • Main areas of expertise: Wine Business and Marketing
  • Over 10 years of combined experience
  • Commerce and export solutions
  • Great proximity to final consumer
  • Multinational collaborators in 6 different countries
We combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, organic progress and help your businesses take the next step forward.

“In a saturated market, excellency in service makes the difference. Quality, efficiency and proximity are my main goals when assisting you”.   Olga Verchenko